Fire Alarm System Service




General Service Building Owners are held responsible for the proper operation of their premises fire alarm system. Below is an outline of the three services we provide to our clients.

Fire Alarm Test and Inspection:

Statewide Fire Alarm System sets up a routine schedule for your semiannual inspection test. We provide a detailed report of our inspection/test results as it pertains to your system and provide a physical and electronic log of all inspections and services performed. This keeps you in compliance with the NY State Code and assures the proper operation of this critical Life Safety System

Fire Alarm System Monitoring:

The New York State Code requires Fire Alarm Central Station Monitoring of your Fire Alarm.Statewide Fire Alarm Systems’ monitoring services are provided via our UL Listed and FDNY approved Central Monitoring office.

Fire Alarm Violations Removal:

Violations are usually the result of unnecessary erroneous alarm activations (false alarms). It is mandated by NY State code that semi-annual service and testing be performed by a qualified licensed Fire Alarm Service Company. This semiannual service involves cleaning of the premises smoke detectors and testing the proper function of all connected components and is mandated by NY State Code. Email us today to have your system cleaned and tested.Other violations can be issued for not having the proper permits. Whatever your situation, Email Statewide Fire Alarm Systems a copy of your violation and we will let you know what needs to be done to clear it.